Karl is a computer graphics software engineer at Walt Disney Animation Studios working on Disney's in-house production physically based renderer, Hyperion. As part of the Hyperion team, Karl worked on the animated feature films Zootopia (Spring 2016) and Moana (Fall 2016), and is currently working on upcoming releases Wreck-it-Ralph 2 (Fall 2018), Frozen 2 (Fall 2019), and Gigantic (Fall 2020).

Karl is also concurrently finishing as a Master of Science in Computer Graphics candidate at Cornell University's Program of Computer Graphics. Karl's main areas of research interest are in global illumination lighting and rendering, GPU algorithms, and physically based simulation.

Previously, Karl did his undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania and contributed to CG@Penn as a TA and researcher.

Karl has interned twice at Pixar Animation Studios (summer 2011 and summer 2013), and interned at Dreamworks Animation in summer 2012.

Karl's computer graphics work can be found at his technical blog, "Code and Visuals", and on Github he is betajippity.


Email: karl (at) omjii (dot) com

Twitter: @yiningkarlli


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